Modules 1 & 2

The manoeuvres for the module 1 test are conducted at specific speeds on a safe off-road site. You will need to complete a CBT course before training can commence and pass a theory test before you can take the practical tests.

Module 1 Motorcycle Training

> Stands & manual handling
> Slow speed slalom
> figure of eight
> Slow riding
> U turn
> Cornering
> Controlled stop
> 30kph / 19 mph circuit ride
> 50kph / 32mph emergency brake
> 30kph / 19mph circuit ride
> 50kph / 32mph avoidance manoeuvre

On the day of your test the examiner will ask you to demonstrate
your riding skills on either the right-hand or the left-hand circuit.

After passing your Module 1 test you will receive a pass certificate
which you must bring on the day of the Module 2 test.

Module 2 Motorcycle Training

Your training for the practical on-road test will cover most, if not all of the possible routes your test examiner is likely to use. As this element decides the outcome of your test, we believe that at least two days must be spent on this, while also working on your technique and observations. The Module 2 test will be about 57 minutes in length and will consist of the eyesight test, road safety questions and at least 30 minutes of road riding.

The ride will cover a variety of road and traffic conditions and will also include normal stops, hill and angle starts. This element is similar to the practical test experienced in the past few years.

The examiners do not have a certain number of tests that they have to fail. They are there to assess your riding skills and are looking for a good safe ride. You can have up to 10 minor faults. A minor fault is one when you have made a mistake but it wouldn’t have been potentially dangerous to you or another road user.

Any faults that could have led to a dangerous situation where another road user would have to take action, or you could have lost control would be classed as a serious fault and that would be a fail.

If you execute a manoeuvre and the examiner thinks it is dangerous, then it is likely that the test will be stopped at that point and you would have failed your test.