Cat A21-23

You may only take this test is you are aged 21yrs + if you have held a Category A2 licence for 2yrs. All new riders must be 24yrs + | Progressive Access age 21yrs+

This option is only available to riders who have held a Category A2 licence for a minimum of 2yrs. The tests are the same as those taking Direct Access, (see below) Training will be based on your requirements, working on the areas where it is needed most.

Direct Access age 24+ Route to a full unrestricted Category A licence: CBT course - motorcycle theory test module 1 test - module 2 test.
If you hold a full Category A1 or A2 licence you do not need to re-take the CBT course or theory test.

The Direct Access Scheme requires you to take your tests on a bike which is a minimum of 595cc with at least 53.6bhp (40kw). We supply suitable 600cc motorcycles for this purpose.

Whether you are a new rider who wants an unrestricted licence or an experienced rider progressing to a bigger bike, we can provide the training you need.